Land-based Poker Events-WPT Foxwoods

The one thing more exciting than watching a televised land-based poker event, like the World Poker Tour (WPT) – a series of 18 high bets world wide tournaments which can be on the Travel Channel, is actually playing in it.

Take last season’s WPT Foxwoods event that 4 days with 400 and also thirty one players battling it out for the ultimate title and ever-lasting poker glory. Lots of players from all over the world came together at Foxwoods, one of the greatest casinos on the planet, and it was here where poker legends met head to mind.

The final table consisted of a five and pro amateurs, who comprised a health care provider, a student, a car salesmen and two or three retired businessmen. After 120 hands and six hours to finish, semi pro Victor Ramdin, who’d previously been chasing the title for the previous three decades, finally secured victory along with his winning Ah Js hand. He walked off with ceaseless poker glory and the very first prize ($1,331,889) which made him the next poker millionaire.

In 2013 online poker players don’t have to become couch potatoes to find a few World Poker Tournament activity. They could play in WPT tanks by which the winner has a $12,500 package to WPF Foxwoods Main Satellite which includes buy-in, flights, accommodation and $500 spending money. Nestled in the hills of Western Connecticut – WPT Foxwoods will be the largest casino in the world. Inspired by the gorgeous greenery and wooded hills of New England’s rolling Connecticut countryside, Foxwoods Resort Casino is a internationally recognised gaming destination.

At the competitive world of high stakes poker, even the”final table” is comparable to the final episode of Idols or even Survivor. The one difference is that anyone can enter the World Poker Tour, unlike simple programmes where a weapon determines upon the contestants. This really is one of the principal explanations for why the World Poker Tour is popular because for a buy, a complete unknown has only, nearly as well as an opportunity of winning as a poker pro.

On the web de oker players with one’s center, game and skill of a winner should quit thinking about being the next poker millionaire, and consider the WPT aquariums as their chance to face off against poker’s stone-faced superstars, and secure everlasting poker glory.

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