Poker Combos and the Rule of 13 – Part 1: Introduction

Whenever you are learning poker, using combos or the Rule of 13 on their own has no benefit in the decision procedure.

However they’re an equally significant part the wider concept of profiling and hand reading, by helping understand the Agen Togel Sgp  mix of a Preflop selection, if you should enter a hand, then the kind of flops which can be good or bad as well as the article flop betting decision procedure.

We are developing a property and players who don’t know what exactly the bricks mean and how to utilize these are only looking at a finished building and won’t ever learn the sport properly, thus we go straight back to basics and take it out there using structured learning.

It is tough for players to understand ranges and profiling in the start when people talk of a 13% range or 25%, or 5%, tight, semi-loose or loose and working-out pairs x 0.45%, suited x 0.3percent and one-hundred x 0.9% can be somewhat complicated. Therefore we break it down with the Rule of 13 to convert to combos, determine our seven categories of hands and also put on the mix of combos in each group to your 6 important ranges (5/10/20/30/40/50) define player types.

We know the% mix of our hand groups for the 6 key ranges and continue ahead into the next point, looking at the kinds of flops which can be good for every type of competitor (by default the others are bad) and the betting outlines they’re likely to take, building a solid counter plan for each line.

The whole process is simpler to master using combos because the base rather than pairs/suited/unsuited% calculations and also allows a easy transition into more detailed hand investigation in support of their essential non maths skills of intuition, game flow and style profiling (distinctive from maths profiling), but every player needs to learn that the maths first.

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