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Menemukan Pasar Saham Panas untuk Memanaskan Portofolio Perdagangan Anda


Kami tidak suka perdagangan saham harian, tetapi kami adalah pedagang jangka pendek Berita bola dan kami suka memukul dan lari di pasar saham AS. Kami ingin mendapatkan posisi saat mereka bergerak dan kemudian keluar dalam dua atau tiga hari. Kami pikir ini adalah cara yang sangat efektif untuk berdagang dan menggabungkan keamanan dengan hasil yang sangat tinggi.

Tetapi untuk melakukan ini kami menggunakan gaya perdagangan yang sangat tidak konvensional. Kami membuat kelompok pasar yang sangat besar, saat ini 96, membatasi komitmen kami untuk setiap pasar menjadi sekitar $ 1.000 dan kemudian mengambil sinyal perdagangan mekanis dari sistem perdagangan yang telah kami program dan telah diperdagangkan dengan uang sungguhan selama bertahun-tahun. Kami menggunakan platform perdagangan khusus yang berinteraksi dengan data streaming langsung dari sinyal elektronik. Kami duduk di depan komputer selama enam setengah jam per hari perdagangan dan kami biasanya melakukan 10 hingga 30 perdagangan sehari.


Tetapi karena kami melakukan begitu banyak perdagangan dan hanya dalam perdagangan selama dua atau tiga hari, metode kami tidak akan berfungsi di pasar mati. Metode kami mengharuskan kami mengidentifikasi pasar yang bergejolak.

Mengidentifikasi pasar volatil yang bagus bisa jadi sedikit rumit. Pada suatu waktu saya menggunakan bentuk pengujian punggung sederhana untuk melakukan ini. Saya akan mengambil pasar, mendapatkan beberapa bulan data tick untuk pasar itu dan kemudian menerapkan sistem perdagangan kami dan melihat hasilnya. Jika hasilnya terlihat bagus, saya akan memasukkan pasar ke dalam portofolio saya dan jika hasilnya terlihat buruk, saya akan membuang pasar.

Hasil dari metode ini bisa mengecewakan. Pasar yang telah menghasilkan banyak uang selama 8 minggu mungkin menghasilkan serangkaian dua atau tiga perdagangan yang merugi sama seperti saya menaruh uang nyata padanya dan pasar yang telah saya buang mungkin mulai menghasilkan uang.

Apa yang segera saya sadari adalah bahwa pendekatan ini benar-benar merupakan bentuk pengoptimalan yang, pada dasarnya, mencoba memprediksi kinerja sistem perdagangan di masa depan dengan mencoba menyesuaikan sistem dengan kumpulan data tertentu. Itu adalah bentuk “penyesuaian kurva” dan penyesuaian kurva adalah hal terburuk yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk mengidentifikasi perdagangan yang menguntungkan. Ini bukanlah pendekatan yang baik.

Tetapi apa yang saya sadari ketika bekerja dengan data pasar adalah bahwa faktor penting untuk mengidentifikasi pasar yang menguntungkan adalah volatilitas dan tindak lanjut.

Saya kemudian menyelidiki beberapa perangkat lunak komersial yang memungkinkan pengguna memindai sejumlah besar pasar dan memasukkan kriteria tertentu untuk mengidentifikasi pasar yang memenuhi kriteria tertentu tersebut. Saya menemukan perangkat lunak komersial ini berguna untuk mengidentifikasi pasar yang bergejolak tetapi hasilnya tidak memuaskan seperti yang saya harapkan.


The Sports Betting System – How To Make It Work

It is clear that many individuals who like sports gambling might really like to be more successful than they’re. To do this you want to employ a sports gambling strategy devised by an expert that knows about most of the challenges and pitfalls a newcomer is likely to encounter.

Professional sports Berita Bola Terbaru bettors are earning a little fortune by using their sport gambling systems as betting online becomes more and more popular and they are not only using a sports gambling system to create profits in basketball, football or baseball however in almost any other game you can think of. Nevertheless, the good news is that they are also inclined to talk about their sports gambling strategy alongside you too.

Obviously, the expert sports bettor won’t provide you with a triumph each single time you use their machine but they will give you a triumph ratio that’ll provide you consistent profits again and again. They’ll inform you everything you will need to learn for a success at betting online.

It really irritates me once I hear people saying that sports gambling systems really are a waste of dollars and anybody will be ridiculous to buy you. An announcement like that has usually come from someone who has either:

Never hunted to explore how a sports gambling strategy is proven to work.
Bought a system which provided a couple of losing stakes initially rather than gave the device a chance to get going.
Somebody who paid a handful of hundred dollars for a tried and tested sports betting strategy and chose to improve or tweak some of the strict rules and strategies provided and wondered why he had been losing money than he was winning.
Shifting even the smallest particle of almost any system that has been demonstrated to be a victory is a definite is, more times than not the difference, between failure and success.

A sports betting system only has to provide a victory speed 51 percent or above to provide you with a profit but most beginners to betting genuinely believe that any platform they invest in should reap rewards immediately and continue on winning day after day. An experienced bettor will inform you it just isn’t the situation.

Every sport betting system goes through losing streaks and most will not go day after day without suffering any loss in any respect. It is for that reason the gambling bank of any system is carefully planned out to absorb any such losing streak and also have the ability to regain if the wins reunite which is why it is a very dangerous tactic to adjust the rules of your betting bank to try to increase your profits or even to recover any losses. Discipline is vital. If you don’t have the subject then you definitely need to not also be considering betting on any sort of game.

It is crucial before picking a particular sports gaming system which you research meticulously and thoroughly any systems you might be considering. Always make certain there is an adequate explanation regarding the reasons their sport system works. Look out for statistics and also at which it is reasonably possible, evidence of regular monthly profits.

You need to always be mindful of the fact that most systems are intended to supply you with long term profits that develop over a fair time period. Be skeptical of any systems that claim to make amazing profits in a very short period of time since these are extremely rare. Any sports gambling system which produces this type of claim must be thoroughly scrutinised however, perhaps not necessarily disregarded. It’s been understood that though a few system owners have more exaggerated the benefit of their sport gambling system they do prove to be winning formulations although not to the scale which their owners claim.

It is very important to keep in mind, any sports gambling system that you might be enthusiastic about will need to be investigated thoroughly. You can even need to buy the system so you can research some results or possibly bet on newspaper at first to see if it is a winner. So a complete money-back guarantee with no questions asked is important or you also must not even consider these. If it’s a successful system that’ll supply you with a consistent profit however slowly then you’ll discover that a guarantee will probably be offered any way so that you can do exactly that and examine drive it for yourself.

For the many popular Sports betting systems on the web you will generally obtain a fair amount of reviews which should provide you an insight into how successful they actually are. It’s important that you read as many reviews as you can but you also must make sure to try and keep an open mind when reading these. As I said earlier there will probably be lots of people available who have not followed the strict rules which can come with each platform and will consequently complain they do not do the job.