Online Bingo of Rising Popularity

The game Bingo has been a popular game of chance since the early 1500’s. In 1530 a lottery type game called Lo Giuoco Code Loto was often played in Spain. It was similar to Bingo in that the numbers were out and the person holding those numbers won. The game was eventually developed by the French who took on the most common casinos and created parlor type versions that we now find in most casinos and gaming venues. The French created the familiar tablets of numbers and methods of marking the numbers that modern day Bingo players would find familiar. They used beans as a cheap way to place a marker on the square with numbers and called the game Beano.

It wasn’t until the game found its way to American shores that the now famous cry of “Bingo” was heard. Legend has it that in 1929 Edwin Lowe saw the game being played at a traveling carnival with cardboard tablets numbered with squares, beans, and a rubber stamping device. When he saw how many people he loved, he took it to New York with a number of his friends who immediately fell in love. In The Excitement Of A Play One Of Those Friends Yelled Out By Bing

As time went on, Bingo found its way out of carnivals to churches where it spread its popularity as a method of ‘legitimate’ gambling. While laws governing gambling varied from area to area, many churches were exempted from gambling laws and Bingo was seen as an ‘innocent’ form of gambling.

There are quite a few ups and downs in the commercial forms of Bingo Gambling that have found its way into the world of gambling capital – Las Vegas. It was a stiff competition, a form of profitable gambling, however, and more often than not played by serious gamblers, other forms of casino games.

That didn’t stop Bingo from hitting the internet when it was big. The gambling association in history has come up with the biggest increase. Now it is possible to leave your home forever. No travel costs, no time off work, just fun to play, or profit at the click of a mouse.

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants estimate that 0.5 billion dollars USD per year on Bingo online and they expect to increase to $ 1 billion USD by the year 2010. Online Bingo has many of the same attractions that Bingo parlor games have : The chance to win prizes that vary from small to large but most of all the opportunity to develop friendships. Playing with other players while chatting with other players is as much a part of the Bingo experience as winning a famous call upon winning.

Worldwide it is figured that women spend 50% more time playing online Bingo and it is most often played between midnight and 5 am. The average player is about $ 220.80 USD or £ 120 per month. The game has made its mark in modern times as much as socializing as a fun and enjoyable way to win money and shows no sign of losing any time soon.

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